Why juicing | Feel good, look great


I am a fan of juicing not only because they tase fresh and good, but it is the easiest way to get nutrition into my diet. Of course I eat a lot of veggies and fruits and this time of every year I can enjoy my garden at its fullest.
Drinking my veggies is much easier, less tiring.
And the great part is that the juice goes into the bloodstream instantaneously because it does not need to export energy to digest the fiber.
Miraculous things happen, the most important is the great feeling and that you really look good.

There is frufru around and I am very happy. They have really good combinations of veggies and fruits, and many other tasty vegan things.
These guys are great. They are business orientated and know exactly the need of people like me.

I have to mention that the juices must contain veggies and fruits, not fruits and veggies. If too many fruits, then higher in calories and sugar. I know that green juices have the bad sigma for tasting bad, but believe me, it is all about a negative reputation. Add lime and lemons, ginger, orange, strawberries and you ll be impressed.

Smoothies…not my type.  I prefer a plate full of fresh strawberries instead.





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