I drink when i am thirtsty!

I am sure you have the same problem like me, regarding reading or hearing opinions about all these “shoulds” and “woulds”.

But whom should we trust?

We live in a highly competitive society, full of opinions, statements and pieces of advice. The source of information comes from different sources, from the social media, for example. But how to evaluate the trustworthiness of information provided by social media sources, via the Internet.

I heard about hydratate calculator, about 8×8 guru water consimption rules, which of course have no science behind, that by drinking liters of water leads to weight loss, that one should drink cold water for the purpose that the body will need energy to beat the water to body temperature, and so one….

I agree with the fact that drinking water before meals will reduce the quantity of food , implicit the amount of calories but I do not agree with the fact that if you drink a lot of water you ll be skinnier. Bullshit.

The water consume is important for the good function of the body. I think water should join us all day long, by drinking small sips and not chugging too much at once. By consuming small sips, the body absorbs the right quantity and will not run through us.

There are no rules, in my opinion, of water consume or quantity. When thirsty, drink. If not, sip it slowly, have always a bottle in your purse, in your car, on your desk, wherever you are.

A balanced diet will keep you in great shape. Eat more veggies and fruits, put herbs in your salad, nuts and seeds, bake your own cakes, cook your own food, give up on junkies, dream big, love your work, your friends, be in love, love your beautiful life, want more and more, than you will be happy 😇




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