I was in a mood of cooking yesterday and remade my own style Thai Soup. 


This time I used some turkey file. The mixture of all those ingredients, the sour of lime juice and the spicy aftertaste is great. I encourage you to try it, the preparation needs minimal time, minimal stress and minimal chaos in your chicken. 

Preparing Thai food can be challenging because the ingredients are pretty exotic. 

The soup is light, is poor in calories. I could have used instead of turkey some scampis, but I will next time. The good part is that there is no rule in adding the ingredients. So, easy peasy. 

I also cooked pasta with mussles and shrimps, in an AOP sauce, with lime juice and Chilli Sesame Beef Slices, with fresh pepper and hot pepper, soy and sweet chilli. Separately a grilled some veggies and oven potatoes with herbs de Provence.

No menue without something sweet: Apfelstrudel with vanilla icecream and mom’s pancakes with nutella.

Love, Ana


Thai Soup | Supa thailandeza



200 ml apa | sau supa de legume, pui sau vita
20 g ardei rosu tăiat julien
20 g ardei galben tăiat juliene
1 ardei iute mic tăiat juliene
20 g praz tăiat juliene
iarba de lămâie ( lemongras )
1 bucățică mica de ghimbir dat prin razatoarea fina
100 ml lapte de cocos
50 ml Gran cuccina
coaja de la 1/2 lămâie
zeama de la 1 lămâie
un praf de scorțișoară
un praf de garam masala
seminte de chimen
putin sos de soia
ceapa verde
sare, piper
30 g noodles

Opțional: 60 g piept de pui tăiat juliene sau muschi de vita sau piept de curcan, sau cu creveti.

Mod de preparare:

In apa sau supa se pun ingredientele de mai sus, începând cu taiteii asiatici, fara a păstra o anumită ordine.
Daca faceți cu carne, adaugati-o odata cu taiteii, deoarece ei au nevoie de ceva mai mult timp de fierbere.

You’ll going to love it!

Astept păreri!